Thank You Bill Gates for everything

C4F39DE5-C0BA-B55F-786A3B0BB1554E2B_1 On Friday Bill Gates stepped away from his daily duties at Microsoft, who he founded at age 19 to devote his time to philanthropic work. He still is Microsoft’s chairman and largest shareholder but Friday was his last day as a full time worker, thus marking the unofficial end of his long journey.

And such a glorious career it has been. He is no doubt the force behind the personal computer revolution, building a global industry and his products such as Windows and Office which are used everyday in homes and offices around the world. Even though Google may be the force behind Internet computing, or Apple may have a large fan club, but was it not for him, Technology would not have been the same.

He is a true legend and a role model for all. Thank You Bill Gates and Hats Off to You.


  1. Silki says:

    He sure was a legend, a visionery.

  2. Silki says:

    He sure was a legend, a visionary.

  3. Jacklin says:

    He is an admirable person.

  4. Fahad says:

    He is a role model for all us young tech enthusiastic people. 🙂

  5. moin says:

    Bill Gates was seriously a successful man each and every pc user or tech related guy knows him and the way things are going microsoft is going no where.