Archive for July 2008

Change Windows Save/Open dialogs with PlacesBar Editor

Whenever you open the Open/Save dialog box in Windows or in Microsoft Office, you will notice 5 buttons on the left hand side. PlacesBar editor is a small utility which allows you to modify these buttons.

Leaked Pictures Of Nokia Tube : Nokia’s response to iPhone

In April, there was a lot of rumours regarding Nokia developing an iPhone killer codename Tube. But the rumours can be finally put to rest as Live Images of the Tube are flooding the Internet and it was also shown on “The Dark Knight”.

Schedule Tasks with Z-Cron

If you are looking for a good task scheduler for Windows, then Z-Cron is the answer. Z-Cron is a task scheduler for Windows using which you can perform a lot of PC tasks. You can also use it to schedule tasks which are to be run daily, weekly, monthly or at system startup.

Cuil Search Engine : Not so Cool

On Monday, the Cuil (pronounced “cool”) search engine was finally launched. And since it has been developed by ex-Googlers, it was bound to be compared to Google. But with an impressive index of more than 120 billion web pages, it still needs a lot of work if it wants to beat Google.

Gmail becomes more Secure

Google seems to be paying more attention to Gmail security. A few days ago they added an option for remote log off and account tracking. Now they have added a new “Browser Connection” feature which allows users to use the “https” protocol while using there email.