Let a Monkey Handle Your Music Collection

Media Monkey Music Organization can be a hefty task if you have a large music collection on your PC. But Media Monkey can be your saviour if you have a large collection of unsorted music. Media Monkey is music player, organizer, MP3 encoder and tagging software containing a lot of functionality to make your work easier.

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When you run it for the first time, it will ask you to add music files to it. You can either select the drive which contain your music files or leave it to search the entire computer. Once you have added the files, you can sort all the music files, just go tools – > Auto-Organize . You will also be able to detect duplicate files and can remove them easily. You can also use it to rename files in the directory and store them in folders based on attributes such as artists, albums etc.

It has a mp3 tag editor which allows you to easily tag your collection.  You can also update and correct mislabelled tracks via drag-and-drop from one artist/genre to another. You can even let Media Monkey Auto-Tag your files be getting information and album art from web.

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It can also be used to sync music between your computer and iPods and other mp3 players. It can also rip and convert audio Cd’s, create and move playlists, burn discs and even play music with the inbuilt player. It also has a party mode which allows you to make requests while at the same time protecting your library from being modified.

To be honest, I have tried a few other Tagging software and have found this to be the best. And with a lot of features, you can’t ask for more. So which software do you use to mange your music collection ?



  1. Ashwin says:

    Ahhh… available for Windows only.

  2. Jacklin says:

    I am conservative in choosing music player. Rarely try something else besides Winamp.

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  6. Julia says:

    Thanks for sharing. That was EXACTLY what I had in mind.