Expand your Desktop with 360Desktop

ScreenShot002 If you always wish that you don’t have enough desktop space for your icons, widgets or web content, then you will surely love 360desktop. You can always create multiple desktops by using Virtual Desktop software’s. But what if you want only a single desktop. A much wider desktop for all your needs. That is what 360Desktop is all about.



It takes a new approach towards virtual desktops. It allows you expand your existing desktop beyond the edge of your monitor in a panoramic view. The program takes a panoramic photo and treats it as an extended background. You can move your mouse near the edges to scroll. Your desktop will behave like a circle. Too much scroll and you will come back to the same place.

What more, you can also embed web widgets into your desktop from Websites such as yourminis etc. This way you can add a lot of personalized content to your desktop. All the content will be available when you turn on your computer, without even opening the browser. However, you will need a good computer configuration and a good graphics card if you want your experience to go smoothly. Over all a great innovative software worth trying.


  1. @Blogsdna
    It requires a fast computer but it doesn’t slow down the OS by much.

    It will be good to see some cool 360 wallpapers

    It will look great on a 19 inch LCD

  2. FLu!D says:

    I was having problems in Vista with 360. 🙁

  3. Evan Jones says:

    Hi FLu!D, thanks for the feedback. Can you please give us a few more details of problems either here, or at support portal http://support.360desktop.com so that we can investigate. Cheers Evan CEO-360desktop

  4. @Fluid
    It was running fine in Vista for me

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