Platform Specific Fifa 09 to be out soon



October is fast approaching and it’s the time when rivalry between Fifa Vs Pro Evolution Soccer will be renewed. Pro Evolution Soccer has gained a large popularity in the last 2-3 years due to its better gameplay while Fifa series has been a disappointment. Last year even PES failed to impress much. However this time, Fifa Soccer 09 has been designed and customized to offer unique gameplay experience that takes advantages of the hardware specification of each platform.


Fifa Soccer 09 will be specifically customized for XBOX 360, PS3, PC etc. The XBOX 360 and PS 3 version will have around 250 enhancements to the core gameplay to make the simulation more authentic and users will be able to customize the game according to his style of play. The use of new animation technology creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing, faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping. The new player momentum physics, which exploits the power of these platform engines, delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling.


The PC version will also feature leading edge visuals that will exploit the power of a high end PC. Start players are represented photo realistic quality as can be seen by the image above. The PC version will also feature customisable mouse gameplay controls that deliver deeper, more intuitive command over your squad. And customisable widgets are now integrated into the menu system to connect you to the FIFA community and real-world soccer so you stay connected while playing FIFA Soccer 09.

One thing can be said for sure, EA Sports has definitely worked on the graphics as can be seen from the image above. The XBOX 360 and PS 3 version will sure be exciting. For the PC version, we will have to wait for the demo to find out whether they have made any major improvements in the gameplay. The game will be released on October 14th on all major platforms and we can expect a demo in August.


  1. narendra.s.v says:

    wow seems to be a cool game! is this game for wii also?!

  2. @Narendra

    yeah man, it will be available on Wii to with a lot of great features. You will love it.

  3. saicharan says:

    Ya it seems to be cool game.

    But why don’t you write about EA Sports Cricket and Brian Lara Cricket ?

  4. @saicharan
    I don’t think EA Sports pays the same attention to Cricket as they give to soccer. The cricket games are usually crappy