Gmail allows Remote Log Off

Gmail Remote

Email Security is often our primary concern as our email contains a lot of personals as well as professional information. Our Web based email do give us the advantage of using it from anywhere. But what if we forget to sign out . Sometimes we just close the browser but the session remains open and any other person can access our information. To address such issues, Gmail has introduced the Remote Log off feature.


Thorough this feature, users can sign themselves out remotely. You you access your Gmail account from several PC’s, this will be helpful. If you forget to sign out from somewhere, you will be able to do it remotely. Gmail will display information regarding whether your account is open at another location or not. Apart from this, you will also know about the time of last activity in you account. The information will be visible at the bottom of the inbox. If you click on the “Details” link,  Detailed information including IP address from where account is being accessed and recent activities will be displayed. And it will also tell you about any unauthorized access if there has been one.

Gmail has slowly started distributing it to all the users. Though it is not a foolproof method, it is still quite useful.


  1. Ashwin says:

    Hmm.. this is interesting. A feature I might use even though I access net from my lappy only.

  2. Jacklin says:

    I think gmail has so many good feature. I have used gmail for quite long and find that it does improvement always.

  3. Bush Mackel says:

    I use GMail quite a bit, but I honestly don’t know that this would be a feature that I’d find too handy. I’d find it much more handy for AIM or something. But that’s just imho.

  4. Keith Dsouza says:

    This is a great feature, I love it already since I can see if anyone is snooping with my account 🙂

  5. Sandip says:

    @Bush Mackel, well this feature is not useful if you do not login in your Gmail Account from public computers.

    Only web based Keyboard is missing once we get that i suppose it would become very difficult for any one to spy on your Gmail inbox

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