E3 2008 : Gaming updates

The E3 2008 is going on at full swing. There have been a lot of announcements by big companies that will sure please a lot of gamers. Here is some of the big news in brief.


There is good news for Gears Of Wars lover. We finally have a date of release for Gears Of War 2. It is going to be released on 7th November, 2008. But the bad news, it will be XBOX 360 exclusive. Don’t know how long will PC users will have to wait to try it out.


Microsoft announced that they are going to release a game called “Lips”. Here is the info about the game

Lips is the only singing game that offers wireless motion-sensitive microphones and the ability to sing from your own music collection of DRM-free songs. Start channeling your favourite pop star because it’s you, your friends and most important your music that turns Lips, the new singing game for Xbox 360, into the world’s ultimate party experience this holiday season.

How can EA be far behind. There were a lot of interesting announcements from EA as well. They are adding a new game to the “Sim” franchise. It will be called Sim Animals. In this game you will be able to create your own environment where your animals can develop as well as interact with one another. Unfortunately it seems to be Nintendo exclusive, since only DS and Wii were mentioned.


EA will also publish “RAGE”, a game that is being developed by id software (the same who gave us Doom). Here is some info about the game

Rage utilizes id’s Tech 5 technology, aiming for new levels of graphic presentation in artistic expression and fidelity. Gameplay consists of both shooting and vehicle racing, combining race track tactics and FPS action when you take to foot in combat scenarios. 

I do certainly hope that this gets released for the PC. No release date for the game has yet been announced.


And this may seem like a surprise announcement, EA are actually preponing there survival horror game called “Dead Space”. Looking at the trailers, it sure looks scary. Now it is going to be released on 21st October instead of 31st October, 2008

So stay tunes, there will be more updates tomorrow.


  1. Bush Mackel says:

    Don’t forget about Final Fantasy XIII being on 360! That was a FANtastic announcement for us XBox owners. *nod*

  2. Thanks for reminding about it man.