YouTube Video Search now has speech recognition


Google has added a new speech recognition tool to Youtube video search. Earlier the video search was based on tags and titles. Now you will be able to search for spoken text in a video. Currently, it is not available in all the videos, only on selected political videos.

To use this feature, you can add the Google Election Video Search Gadget to the iGoogle page or you can also view the gadget as a standalone page. To search, just enter a search term and Google will find the videos where the term is spoken. Videos will also have yellow markers indicating where the term is spoken.

The gadget only searches videos uploaded to YouTube’s Politicians channels, which include videos from Senator Obama’s and Senator McCain’s campaigns, as well as those from dozens of other candidates and politicians. It usually takes less than a few hours for a video to appear in the index after it has been published on YouTube. Google uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe the text of these videos and add them to an index. Lets hope Google extends it to other videos as well.

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  1. MOin says:

    thats a nice feature they added 🙂