Gmail becomes more Secure

Google seems to be paying more attention to Gmail security. A few days ago they added an option for remote log off and account tracking. Now they have added a new “Browser Connection” feature which allows users to use the “https” protocol while using there email.

To enable this feature, go to the settings page, in the bottom you will be able to select the option “Always use https”.


This will make your session more secure and less prone to hijacking as it provides an encrypted communication. However, it might have some effect on the speed but that is a little tradeoff to pay for security. Earlier, the only way t do this was using a greasemonkey script or by manually typing ‘https’. But one thing is don’t understand I why it has not been enabled by default. It is a good move by Google but they should enable it by default.


  1. MOin says:

    yeah noticed it gmail is getting better and better and better i am sticking to gmail it rocks 😀