July 08 Stats

Here are my traffic stats for the month of July.


  • Unique Visitors : 32654
  • PageViews : 58652

Most of the traffic was from Google (around 80%) followed by StumbleUpon. My traffic was slightly less compared to previous month and I hope to make up for it this month.

Popular Posts

Here are some of the popular posts from this month. Go through them if you have missed any

Just realized that I haven’t published any game review this month. I will try to post 2-3 review this month

Earnings: Around $350

The maximum FeedCount for this month was 653. I aim to cross 700 mark this month. So how has this month been for you ?


  1. Any tips for using StumbleUpon? You mention you have most of your traffic from there. How did you achieve that?

  2. @Adwords
    Some of my posts got some very good stumbles from people and hence got a lot of traffic