Turbanize Yourself


Turbanizer is a tool which helps by allowing anyone in the world to visualize themselves in a turban. What is a Turban ?


a traditional headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head


Using the application, you can try out a variety of turbans on your head and see how you look. You can share the pictures on Facebook or Flickr as well as buy a T Shirt with your photo printed on it. There are a lot of variety of turbans to try. So go ahead and enjoy. You can see my picture above wearing a turban.

Via Technospot


  1. lol haha.. fun post 😛 good share.. i’m gonna try out the orange one 😀

  2. Pavan Kumar says:

    Is that you in the pic? You look smart… I am bored at watching the image of your ghost on mybloglog…. 😀

  3. Jacklin says:

    Is there any other software for trying hair style?…Anyway want to see you in yellow one 🙂

  4. kanchun kaushal says:

    Met your dad at the IT office.He told me about your blog.went thru it .found it interesting.Good job done.God bless U

  5. Thanks you sir. Glad you liked it