Search For Torrents using Speckly


Earlier I have written about a nice torrent search engine called Youtorrent. But now it displays only Legal torrents so I doubt that most of us are going to find it useful. It is still a good search engine but only for legal torrent. Now here comes Speckly to the rescue.

Speckly 1

You can tell it is a very simple search engine by looking at its bare bones interface which has only the logo and the search box. It currently indexes torrent from some of the most popular torrent sites like Mininova, Piratebat, Isohunt etc. If you search for anything, the results will get displayed in a Google like manner. Each result will display a list of seeders and leechers with the results being categorized. The torrents with the most complete source are listed first. But for downloading the torrent, you will have to go to the page of the torrent site.

It is very fast and very simple to use and will be very useful for new an experienced torrent users. Is there any other search engine which you are using for torrents ? Share them in comments ?


  1. soham says:


    Thanks for the information ..

    I use to search for torrents and till now I have got the best desired results from it so I am quite happy about it ..

  2. :o.. yet another awesome post by madhur, i checked it out.. i like the fact that it lets you browse through search results category wise and it that it shows you how many results have been loaded from how many torrent trackers.. good share!

  3. Speckly says:

    Thanks for the write-up Madhur. Just wanted to point out that we rolled out a feature we call “Quick Peek” just yesterday.

    Quick Peek allows you to browse tracker sites without leaving the speckly search results page. Now you can read comments on the target site and find what you’re looking for that much faster without having to switch back and forth between sites. Enjoy!

  4. That sounds awesome 😀 .. it makes searching for torrents much easier.. *Bookmarks speckly* 😀

  5. Jacklin says:

    Never heard speckly before…I’ll try it next time I search torrents. Thanks.

  6. MOin says:

    oh yeah speckly is too good i am using it from a couple of days now nice find madhur

  7. Saad Masood says:

    well it is nice thing
    and we can find more result in easy way
    i have read it somewhere else too

  8. deny says:

    You can use – for search the torrents.