Encrypt Your Files with Kruptos 2

Kryptos Kruptos 2 is an easy to use 128/256 bit File Encryption utility using which you can protect your sensitive files in PC and other portable devices. It also has a file shredding utility and can also create self decrypting files which you can safely send to anybody and give them the password.


It uses BlowFish algorithm for encryption which is also fast. You can also drag and drop the folder in its window if you want to encrypt a large number of files at once. It also changes the name of the file so that no one can even find out, what the file is all about. It also integrates with Windows so you can encrypt/decrypt a file with just a single click, and your decrypted file will automatically re-encrypt on close. It also has a file shredding function to remove every trace of the file from computer.

In its Website, it is mentioned that it supports Windows 2000 and XP (not Vista) but it ran fine for me in Vista also. Not a bad freeware utility.



  1. MOin says:

    oh wow nice find i’ll use this to encrypt my confidential files =)

  2. Talk Binary says:

    With security checks around the states, this might come in handy.