Add Web Search to Windows Apps with Kallout

Kallout Kallout is a small free windows utility that lets you perform a web search for any word inside any application. You can perform the search with the help of your mouse only in a variety of sites. To use it, simply highlight a text within any application, a small icon appears above the highlighted text which brings out the Kallout search menu.


Kallout Pop Out

It lets you perform search in multiple search systems which includes Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Ebay and various other sites, databases, and news sources. And it is also context aware. Highlighting an address will display the  first search option as a map and a movie title will likely display options from YouTube and Amazon. You can even view the result in a small pop out window.

And it supports a lot of applications such as browsers, Microsoft Office Suite, Notepad, Wordpad etc. So if you like searching a lot on the net, this might be tool which you need.