uTorrent 1.8 Released

uTorrent uTorrent is one of the most feature rich BitTorrent client. It is small in size, consumes less memory and CPU and offers all the features which you want. After a gap of more than 6 months, a stable uTorrent 1.8 is out which contains some significant improvements and updates.

It has built in IPv6 support which offers better performance and connectivity. It has better Windows Firewall Registration in Vista, better proxy support and improved distribution of new connection across torrents. And a public alpha version of uTorrent for the Mac will also be made available in the coming weeks.



  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    I wonder why this utorrent makes so much of buzz… bittorrent is my favorite torrent client.

  2. Utorrent 8 is MUCH more stable.. basically it doesn’t give you that stupid.. utorrent.exe is corrupt error..