Download Torrent Files in your Browser using Torrent Relay

Torrent-Relay-logo TorrentRelay is a browser based torrent downloader. Using this, you can download a torrent file directly from your browser without the need of a torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent.  To use it just specify the torrent URL from any site or even from your local computer, it will then convert it into a link which you can download using your download manager.

If the torrent comes with multiple files, it will split them up so that you can choose the files which you want to download. However, the cap limit of  single file is 400 MB so for larger downloads, you will have to use a software client. This tool will also work on iPhone, PS3, Wii etc.  One of its advantage is that it might even work on places where torrents are banned.


  1. PC says:

    I have tried this but utorrent is the best.

  2. i agree with PC, utorrent is light so theres no need for such an app.. 😛 good post tho

  3. Ram says:

    Looks like a useful site, but i agree with others, utorrent is the best so far

  4. Sandip says:

    Utorrent is the only app which dominates torrent world. but will give a giving a try torrent relay .

  5. K-IntheHouse says:

    It will definitely come in handy to have this when you don’t the client like utorrent in hand. Stumbled!

  6. I agree that uTorrent is the best but this browser based client is a good option in places where P2P is banned

  7. Nihar says:

    Didn’t knew this about before. I always use azureus torrent client.

  8. @Nihar
    This is good in situation when you dont want to install a client