Launch Applications quickly using Speed Launch


Microsoft Office Labs has released a free keyboard launched for Windows called Speed Launch. It is nothing exceptional compared to other launch applications such as Launchy, DESKonTOP etc.

Speed Launch

The program adds a small Bulls eye on the screen and you can drag your frequently used programs and documents there to add them to Speed Launch. The Launch window can be accessed by pressing ‘Windows + C’. You can then use the button or the keyboard to launch the specific application. The program does have a few cons. It consumes too much memory, around 35 MB on Windows Vista which is too much compared to other similar applications. And it doesn’t allow you to change the hotkey to something else.

But considering this is an experimental project still under development, such things can be expected. Lets hope they improve it in subsequent versions. This version requires .Net framework 3 to run.

via DownloadSquad

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  1. Great post :D.. i needed something. ( my pc is VERY slow.. =( )