Microsoft PhotoSynth now Public


This is a good news for all the photographers. Microsoft has taken PhotoSynth out of the Microsoft Live Labs and made it public. It is an application which lets you view images in a 3d manner when they are put together. Lots of related images can be put together to create a 3d effect.

So you wont have to worry now if the you cannot capture a beautiful scene in a single image. Using it, you can combine several images by moving pictures around, left, right, up, down, back and front. The process of stitching these photos together took weeks of processing on specially configured server arrays. Microsoft has managed to shrink that into around the time it takes to upload your photos.

Microsoft is giving users 20GB of online storage for their PhotoSynth collections. Your ‘synths’ are then available to be viewed online. When you select your photos they are sent to the Cloud while simultaneous being processed into a ‘synth’ on your computer. This works in IE, or Firefox, but no support for Mac as yet.


  1. diesel says:

    only for windows though

  2. Fahad says:

    I installed this a few hours ago and tried a couple of synths out. It really is am amazing technology!