Control your Computer from anywhere using RealVNC


VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computer desktop (VNC ‘Server’) using another computer desktop (VNC ‘Viewer’). It is currently finding a lot of applications in troubleshooting a distant computer by just sitting at your home. It can even be used by System administrators and for education purpose also.

RealVNC is a similar application. You can even think about it as a Remote Desktop you see in Windows. You have to run the Server software on the computer which you want to access on the network or the Internet. Then you install the VNC Viewer on the computer using which you will access the other computer. On running, the viewer will ask for an IP address and a password (if a server has one set). After the authentication, a window will pop up which will display the exact desktop of the remote computer. Depending on the Server settings, you can control the mouse and keyboard of the other computer. You can even log in/log off from the system if the Server is run as a system service.

There is a Free version of it which has basic features and is also open source but it can only be run on Windows 95,ME,2000,XP . The paid versions are also there which contain a lot of enhanced features such as File transfer, Chat etc as well as support from UNIX, Vista and Mac.

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  1. Jacklin says:

    Can we run software which installed in the controlled computer although the computer we use to control doesn’t have that software?

  2. @Jacklin
    Yes you can

  3. Talk Binary says:

    So far I’ve used LogMeIn…for remote connections. I’ll probably try this out. Thanks!