Convert Docx Files using Docx2Rtf Converter


Microsoft introduced the Docx file format in there new version of Office 2007. However it is incompatible with the older Office versions and since many people are still using the older Office, you need a way to convert your Docx documents to a format that is supported by Older Office versions. Docx2Rtf is a freeware file converter for MS Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files and you do not even need OpenOffice or Office 2007 to be installed for the program to work.

It converts the Word 2007 and OpenOffice files to richtext (rtf) format with partial formatting and images. It isn’t perfect in what it can retrieve from these files, but it does a decent job of retrieving the basic information. After the conversion it shows you page by page layout of what was retrieved and let you print it. It can also be used to convert your Word and OpenOffice documents to PDF format. You can use command line to convert your files also.

It supports OS from Windows 98 to Vista. Definitely a handy utility to have with you in case you need it sometime.



  1. abhishek says:

    quite nice tool, this is another Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

  2. Alex says:

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