Internet Explorer 8 to have a Privacy Mode


Microsoft is going to add a new Privacy Mode to its next release of Internet Explorer 8. With it, just by clicking a button, users will be able to limit how much information is recorded where they go online and what they do. This made will also clear the browser cache at the end of the session.

Though this mode will called “InPrivate” by Microsoft, many are dubbing it as “Porn Mode” because it is mostly expected to be used for viewing adult content online which is illegal in most parts of the world. When enabled, IE8 will not save browsing and searching history, cookies, form data and password. It will also notify users of third-party content that can track browsing history and subscribe to lists of sites to block, respectively. Microsoft will also tweak its existing "Delete Browsing History" by adding an option to preserve bookmarked sites’ cookies even when all others are erased.

While Apple’s Safari browser is already equipped with a Privacy mode, Mozilla is also planning to add this in there next update of Firefox. What do you think, will this feature be useful ?

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