Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean with e-maxx



If you are are planning to give your hard drive away or sell it, then you have to make sure that all the data it contains is erased properly in such a way that it is impossible or difficult to recover because you never know what anyone can do with your personal data.

PC Inspector e-maxx is a data deletion program that can wipe out the contents of a hard drive in high speed mode. It is available either as an installer or an ISO image. The installer will write the files of software to a bootable disk while you can burn the ISO image and boot from it. After the boot up, you are presented with a menu using which you can select the hard drive and a method to delete data on it.

In there Website they have mentioned that the software meets the ‘strict deletion requirements of the U.S. Military’  so you can be pretty assured that your data cannot be recovered.