Check Your MP3s with MP3-Check

MP3-Check is a freeware that allows you to check your Mp3 library for files that do not meet a specified criteria and quality. You can check your MP3 files for a variety of parameters such as absence of ID3 tags, sample rate, bit rate and volume. After the scan, the MP3s that don’t meet the required standards will be shown.


Our music collection consists of more than a thousand files. Sometimes, many files can be of low quality that we want to get rid off. Instead of searching for them manually, we can use this utility to do our job. It can even identify the songs which have there ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags missing. After the scan, the results will be shown in a tree like structure. You have the option to save the results in a text file or as a m3u playlists.

A nice utility to have if you want to make a high quality music collection.