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Launching – For the Gamers, By The Gamers

Many of you must have wondered why I haven’t written any game reviews in the last few months. Being an avid gamer, I thought a new blog was a better idea to share the gaming information with everyone. And today I am launching my new blog GameBojo which I do hope that gamers will enjoy […]

Dr Pic – All Ajax Online Image Editor

Few months ago, I wrote about Top 3 online image resize service. If I can include one more web service to that list, that would be Dr Pic. Dr Pic is an all AJAX image editor using which you can perform simple image operations on your image.

Find Rankings Of Your Pages in Search Engines with SERPs Finder

SERPs Finder is a Search Engine Optimization utility that using which you can find the rankings of you pages in major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Live Search. It actually analyzes the first 100 search engine results and shows you if your page is found or not. – Search for Knowledge

As a student or a researcher, you always rely on the help of Google or other search engines to search for content related to your project, assignments or any specific topic. KnowledgeThy is an online search engine powered by Google Custom Search that provides the best results possible to students related to there studies or […]

Delete Files Permanently with Ultra Shredder

When you delete a file from your computer, they are not permanently deleted and can easily be recovered by using some advanced or simple File Recovery program. You would want to avoid such a thing if you are planning to sell or give your hard disk to someone. Or you just want to get rid […]