Google Chrome : A Browser by Google

There have a been a lot of talks about a Google Browser being in works for many years. I never thought that was going to happen as Google kept releasing a lot of services that were aimed for other browsers such as Google Gears etc. Google Blogoscoped has published a comic book which they say, comes directly from Google and it contains all the details about Google Chrome, an open source Browser project by Google which is going to be released tomorrow in more than 100 countries.

Google Chrome

The comics is of 38 pages and tells a lot about the features in Google Chrome, some of which are

  • It will make use of Google Gears to save Websites for offline use
  • It will include a new JavaScript Virtual Machine V8 which has been built directly from the scratch and it can speed up performance
  • It will have special tabs which will be on the upper side of the Window and not below address bar
  • It will have an address bar with an auto complete feature called Omnibox
  • The Homepage will consist of a page similar to the Speed Dial page in Opera
  • It will have a privacy feature called “incognito”. Users can create an “incognito” window and whatever happens in that Window is never recorded
  • It allows the Web Apps to be launched in there own browser window
  • Whatever the tab runs will also be sandboxed protecting you from malwares and phishing sites.

The features look very interesting and it will definitely provide competition to all the Browsers all there. It will be interesting to see how it performs when it is released tomorrow. The Browser war just got more exciting.


  1. stratosg says:

    woha… i heard about it but i never read many details… very very nice post. thx!

  2. guslaban says:

    Reminds me how Microsoft killed Netscape with IE, will it be happened again with Google Chrome kill Firefox?

  3. Sundar Rajan says:

    Amazing.Looking forward to it……

  4. Jacklin says:

    I found many post about G Chrome every where…I think the launching is a bit surprising. Google seems always denied that they developed a browser. And suddenly within days the new browser launched.

  5. George Toms says:

    Google Chrome is really fast!
    Now I can sort 200,000 records inside of Browser (Chrome) just in 1 sec. (Faster than Microsoft Excel):