Launch Programs with Executor – free Program Launcher


Though many of you must be using Launchy as your program launcher, Executor is a program launcher that is very similar to Launchy. One of the difference is that it relies heavily on hot keys and keywords which can also be customized. You just have to type the first few characters of the program you are looking for and it will show you the possible choices. Along with that, it has an extensive list of functions which it can perform.


You can assign a keyboard shortcut for any keyword thereby removing the need for invoking Executor every time. You can also drag an object into the bar to create a keyword for the particular file, folder etc. It also works with XP and Vista native searching system. You just have to type “find[text]” and it will and it will then search for the text. Apart from that, it can do quick calculations and perform web searches. It even stores your launch history as well as clipboard history. It can also be customized to a great extent from skins, auto-completion etc. Its memory usage is very low. Takes around 8 Mb of memory.

It is a freeware and is very small in size. Just give it a try, tweak with it. It will make your life much easier.



  1. Ajay says:

    In you opinion, is it better than Launchy?

    I’ve been using Launchy for a long long long time now!

  2. Great post, it helped me out alot!

  3. @Ajay
    It is not better, both are alike .

  4. Syahid A. says:

    Wow it has loads of options. I wonder if it is better and super-tweakable with my lovely FARR.