Capture Screenshots of Websites with Fireshot

Few days ago, I mentioned a software called Webshot that can be used to take Screenshots of Website. Fireshot is a Firefox extension that makes taking Screenshots of Website a lot easier. It also offers a lot of editing tools which lets you modify the captured screenshot and add text and graphic annotations. A must have tool for bloggers, web designers and people who use the Internet.



After the installation of the extension, it creates a menu on the navigation toolbar that gives access to a lot of functions. The captured Screenshots can be saved to disk in the JPEG, gif, bmp, png etc formats. They can also be copied to clipboard, emailed or opened in a new editor. Using it, you can take screenshot of the whole web page, the visible area  or only a specific region. You can also resize the image on the fly and then upload it directly to the Fireshot free image hosting service. Not only that, you can also add text and graphical annotations to the image to make it more interactive.

This is a great utility which will definitely save you a lot of time. Taking Screenshots of the Website never felt more simpler.


  1. Sumesh says:

    I prefer Snagit as the one-stop-shop for all my capture needs. It has some neat editing effects too – really gets the job done, so to speak.

  2. stratosg says:

    very interesting plugin. next time i need a screenie i’ll go on looking for this. thx!

  3. Vijay says:

    I too use this plugin. This works in IE also. As in Firefox you need to install it for IE.

    This is simple and powerful. A time saver.

  4. Pavan Kumar says:

    It has a very good number of options….