Raptr – A Social Network for Gamers

Raptr Logo We have seen a lot of social networks for chatting, dating, making friends, discovering Websites but there was none for gamers. Raptr is new startup that is mainly for gamers. It was formed by Dennis “Thresh” Fong and offers some nice features for gamers.


As explained by the image above, it will help you discover which games your friends are playing and vice versa. It can also keep track of your stats and achievements and lets you share that as well. It can automatically post your updates on Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook. It behaves both as a web service and as a Desktop software. The Desktop client will keep your installed games updates with the latest updates and patches. This is similar to the Steam service we have seen from Valve. It supports more than thousand games from different developers.

It is a great service for gamers. No only they can discover new games, they can keep track of all there gaming achievements from a single identity. It is available for PC as well as Mac.

Thanks to NirmalTV