Encrypt your files with Crypt4free


Crypt4free is a freeware using which you can encrypt your files for free. It can be used to encrypt any type of files and you can even use it on Floppy disks and pen drives. Apart from Encryption it can also work with zip files and also has a secure File shredder utility.

It uses two algorithms to encrypt the data, the weaker DESX that is implemented using a 128-bit key and the much stronger Blowfish that uses a 448-bit key. Its usage is very simple, just navigate to the desired folder and file, select the type of algorithm and click the button. Users will need to enter a password and then confirm it. This password will be used to encrypt the data and a password reminder in the form of a riddle can also be added. It also has a “virtual keyboard” window using which users can create their own password, or they can use the “generate” feature in order to come up with a completely random string of characters that is made up using one of the three available hash functions: SHA1, RIPEMD160 and WHIRPOOL. The user or machine generated password can also be saved to a file for later use.

It also has a built in Zip support to reduce the size of the encrypted file. It also has a file shredder which can wipe the contents of any files without recovery. You can also use it encrypt your messages and then send them through email.

It works very fast for small files, for larger files it may take some time. Though the algorithms it supports are less, we don’t mind as it is a freeware.


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  1. stratosg says:

    nice app man… i’ll definitely give it a try…!