Manage Windows Clipboard with ClipX


ClipX is a small Windows Clipboard manager which allows you to copy multiple items to your clipboard and then choose the items which you want to paste using the mouse. Normally, you can copy only one item to your clipboard, paste it and then copy another. This utility saves you a lot of time by copying multiple items to clipboard.

The copied items can accessed by the right click menu or a hotkey and you can select which one do you want to paste. Though it does not retain the text formatting, it can work for images as well. You can configure it to change how many items to remember on the clipboard or to enable multi user or multi session support. You can extend its functionality by use of plugins, some of which are

This is a freeware and its size is just 109 Kb. It works for Windows only.


One Comment

  1. Keith Dsouza says:

    I have used ClipX for sometime, but it has problems in Vista. I would suggest xNeat Clipboard manager which I had reviewed recently as it works pretty good on both XP and Vista.