PSP Video 9 – Free PSP Video Converter


PSP Video 9 is a free Play Station Portable video converter that can covert your video files so that they are playable on your PSP. It supports a large variety of video formats such as avi, divx, xvid, flx, mpeg, mkv, vob etc that can be converted to a format that is playable on PSP.

PSP Video9

Apart from that, you can also use it to copy/move these video files between the PC and PSP. Converting video is a child’s play using the video wizard. It will ask you about the firmware of your PSP, the file you want to convert, and the options such as quality, audio quality, widescreen or not. Then just press the convert button and the conversion will start. However its interface is not certainly the best. Since it is a freeware, the interface is filled with a lot of ads but since it is free, I don’t mind it much as it does the job well.

The quality of conversion was fine. So if you are looking for a free converter without much options, do give it a try.



  1. Binny V A says:

    If you are in Linux, you can convert the video file to PSP format using the command
    ffmpeg -i “OriginalFile.avi” -f psp -r 29.97 -b 768k -ar 24000 -ab 64k -s 320×240 “OutputFile.mp4”

  2. philip says:

    Download youtube videos direct to your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone, Mobile, Mac..etc for free.. Its fast


    Convert to more popular format like .WMV .MOV, .MP4, .3GP, .MP3 etc