Slow Down Your Mouse Movement with Slowmousion

Slowmousion Slowmousion is a freeware application that slows down the mouse movement on pressing a hot key. You may use it if you want precise control over the mouse movements. Such a thing will come handy if you are working on Photoshop or drawing something using your mouse, or maybe even dragging and dropping files.



Some of its key features are

  • Easy to Enable and Disable
  • Easy to change Hotkey
  • Start with Windows Ability

It is good for use at times when you need much more control over the mouse movement.


Via FreewareGenius


  1. Rockstar sid says:

    looks cool…

    Giving a try!

  2. Jacklin says:

    I believe we can do it in control panel menu. Is it different with that software function?

  3. Saurav says:

    buy a mx series mouse 😉