iTunes 8 out now for Windows and Mac


Along with the new iPod’s, iTunes 8 was also made available for the PC and Mac at “Lets Rock” event. It comes with some major and minor features such as custom playlist generation, tiled album cover view, visualizer enhancements. And the High Definition TV Episodes are also available on the iTunes store for the first time.

The best feature is the new ‘Genius’ playlist feature. It uses an algorithm to analyse your music collection, comparing the structure and sound of songs to create a playlist that we may like, also including suggestions from the iTunes store. It does a decent work and can be activated when playing any song by clicking the atomic symbol at the bottom right of the iTunes. However, for it to work, we must have an iTunes store account. You can save any playlist it creates and can also specify songs in the playlist ranging from 25,50,75,100. However, it may take a few minutes to analyse your music collection.

There is also a new grid view which will let you view you albums and music videos in a grid of cover art and the album can be played directly from there. The visualizer is also updated with the addition of ribbons that match the song that we are playing.


One Comment

  1. Ashwin says:

    The Genius thing took less than 2 minutes to index my 6 GB music library. iTunes 8 is very good. But all this new features might not make others switch, only makes the current users even happy.