Optimize Windows Vista with Vista Manager


Vista Manager is a all in one utility to tune up, tweak, optimize and cleanup Windows Vista. It contains an impressive collection of tools which will improve your Windows Vista every aspect from security to optimization to performance.

Some the main utilities which it has are


The System Information tools will give you detailed information about your system ranging from hardware installed to the processes running on the machine.


The Optimization wizard consists of 10 steps that will improve your system performance. From System Startup to Shutdown, it will optimize both. You can also turn off unnecessary tasks. You can also modify the RAM and disk cache, turn on animations to make Vista faster.


It includes an uninstaller that will check for leftovers from previous uninstallation including those in the registry. The Duplicate File Finder is there to remove duplicate files. It even shows you a chart of which folder is occupying how much space. Registry defrag rebuild and re-indexes the registry to reduce application response time


Now here is the most awesome port. You can customize almost everything, from mouse scroll speed, restrict changing of wallpaper, disable sidebar etc. You can customize the right click context menu, notification setting and lot more.


Who is not concerned about Security these days? You can customize a wide range of security options from Logon settings to Encryption/ Decryption of files. You can restrict access to certain drives and specify which programs are allowed to run on the computer. There is a Privacy Protector to remove all trace of your online presence.


It will optimize your connection settings and help you in tweaking Internet Explorer.

There are also a few other utilities which will help you in finding the installation key, shut down PC etc. Overall it is nice utility that will give you complete control over Vista. However it is not free and costs $40. You can try the whole program for 15 days and see if you like it. It even supports Vista SP1.

Download (32 bit )                       Download ( 64 bit )