WinZip 12 has JPEG Compression

WinZip WinZip is one of the first and most popular archiving utilities available though now many have started using WinRar or 7-Zip. The new version 12 of the popular comes with some new compression features and enhancements. It now lets you compress JPEG images which were difficult to compress before as they are already compressed.

Along with that, you can also directly transfer and copy images from your Digital Camera if the model is supported. You can also view the images using the thumbnail view, or you can use the inbuilt image viewer which it now has. Now no need for extracting the images for viewing them. The Encryption has also been improved with the support for AES 128 and 256 bit versions. Now you can also rename files and folders inside a zip archive.

It already had a nice integration with Windows. So these features make it much more attractive again.


  1. Vijay says:

    I tried compressing few JPG files. Compression rate is just 3%. I am not sure is it happeneing only for me or not.

    However in all other ways, it is good.

  2. Nikon lover says:

    Yeah, it seems Winzip is still way behind Image Compressor 2008 or Avanced JPG Compressor in terms of compressing JPEG files.

  3. Sandip says:

    i haven’t check this, but will be definitely happy to have good compression ratio for Image compression in WInzip 12.