Firefox 3.1 to have a Privacy Mode

firefox IE 8 beta 2 came out with there “Porn InPrivate”, Chrome had “Incognito” mode, and even Safari has a stealth feature and now Firefox will also be coming out with there Privacy mode with Firefox 3.1. Even though there are add-ons for Firefox that does the job but none are worthwhile.

Mozilla will make some changes to there privacy mode. In addition to turning of the page cache and the browsing history recorder, there will not be any auto fill for password and new password used will not be saved. The cookies acquired during the session will be discarded and also the downloads through the download manager. One more thing to note is that the pages visited in this mode will be stored in memory and not on hard disk. When the mode will be activated, the currently open tabs will be saved and closed and a new blank browser window will open. After the privacy mode is turned off, the closed tabs will re open. And yes, there will be no advertising that you are using the privacy mode, that too will remain private.

So lets see how it turns out to be . Maybe we might have the “War of Privacy Modes” in the future.


  1. Check my post on how IE’s Porn Mode Got Busted. I think this is example enough that these modes are not likely to work 😛

  2. Ruby Web says:

    Well I was expecting that from Firefox. I was disappointed though that it’s the last to add this feature when it’s usually the first with new features. Is Firefox losing its grip?

  3. @Ruby
    Even i was surprised. The browser wars are surely getting more interesting.

  4. RaiyaRaj says:

    Its good to hear that Firefox will bring privacy mode. If you have some more information about it please post it.