Monitor Your System with Tiny Watcher


One of the first thing a Virus does after infecting the PC is adding itself to the Start Up entries or registry. Tiny Watcher is a small freeware that won’t protect you from virus, but will keep you informed when something like that happens. When you install it, it will do an initial scan of your system to see a list of complete items. After that it will monitor the critical areas such as registry and inform you when something is added there.

It checks start up items, processes, system files and informs you whenever something gets added there. It will even inform you when something gets modified/added in your Windows directory. When something suspicious is detected, you will be informed and in some cases, you will have the option to disable or remove it. But it has some drawbacks as well. It wont tell you if something that was changed is harmless or not. If you are a basic user, you might get worried for no reason. And it also doesn’t stop the changes, you will be notified after the changes have been made. So it is better to use it with an Anti virus system and not alone thinking it is protection your system.

It might turn out to be a good choice for an advanced user as it will keep him informed on what gets added to the registry or startup. It is a free utility and requires very little memory to run.


  1. kvsivaraman says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can this small software be used along with the existing anti-virus software installed in computor? Avast 4.8 Home edition is installed and monitor live. Is it advisable to install such small tiny one with the existing one?
    In all your future posts if you could add this query with answer, I need not ask this question repeatedly.
    In anticipation of your reply,
    your beloved

  2. @kvsivaraman
    Yes sir, you can use it along with Avast 4.8.

  3. Jacklin says:

    I think it will be good partner for my AVG.

  4. Great tool.. recommended for people who surf the web and use their pc alot