FuzzMail – Record Email typing and Mail It

FuzzMail FuzzMail is a cool and different Web Service. It records the way you write a message and sends it as an email. So for the person reading it, it won’t appear as a static message, it will look like you are typing it right now. All your typos, errors etc which you have corrected or changed will also be reflected.

To use it, simply go to www.fuzzmail.org, type your message and send it. The message will be recorded as you typed it and a link will be sent to the recipient which will enable him to read the message. The reader will can also control the speed at which the recording is played so that can add to a bit of curiosity. Here is an example.

I don’t exactly see how this makes emails more emotionally expressive but it is certainly a good way to have fun with friends and certainly very expressive while writing love letters.


  1. stratosg says:

    this is a funny service indeed. nice find! 😉

  2. Vijay says:

    Cool service. Very funny. Good finding!

  3. a very strange service indeed.. i’m not syre why one would have any use for such a service which works like a key logger in a lot of ways!!

  4. Jacklin says:

    Goo for love letter but not for business mail 🙂

  5. “This seems like a strange little app. When I feel like opening up IE I’ll check it out.”