Expand Tinyurls with LongURL


We see a lot of tinyurls on many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We can’t be sure about where it leads until we open it. This is where LongURL comes in handy. It is a Web Service which helps us in expanding the links and see where are they leading so that we can decide whether we want to open it or not.

You can visit the Website, paste the tinyurl and click expand to see the original link. You must be thinking this is quite a time consuming method but there is something even better. It also comes as a Firefox Extension and a Greasemonkey script. Installing the extension and hovering the mouse over any tinyurl will reveal the original URL as a tool tip so we can know quickly where the link points.

Currently the service supports tinyurl.com, is.gd, snipurl.com, oing.fm, bit.ly and many more.

Thanks to TeknoBites


  1. Abhishek says:

    Thats really nice !!
    many time we get spam with the name of some good thing with shorted urls. this plugin will make good now.

  2. Sandip says:

    wow pretty good service. i usually get annoyed with Tinyurls since before actually clicking on it there is no way to know where this link will land up.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. PrevURL says:

    Inspired by LongURL, http://PrevURL.com gives a screen shot of the link that the shortened URL points to as well.