LastPass – Strong and Secure Password Manager

Lastpass LastPass is a secure password manager which can save all your web passwords and you wont need to remember them. As it claims “The last password you will ever need”, you will only need to remember a single password. Previously I have written about KeePass which was wonderful but this one can even sync passwords between different browsers or computer.


It will install itself as a Firefox and IE addon. All you passwords for different Websites will be saved behind a master password. During installation, you will be asked to create a LastPass account and import all you passwords from Firefox and IE to it and clear them from your computer. It even gives you an option to import passwords from Keepass and other such applications. It can even generate a secure password for you when you are registering at a site, and you don’t even have to remember that.

You can add sites to it quickly using the Browser button or manually by going to its web interface. You can also group your logins and add description about them. Since it also syncs your password, the passwords are stored online. But they are stored online in an encrypted format which can only be decrypted if you know the master password. It also supports Mac and Linux apart from Windows.

I definitely feel it offers a lot as compared to Keepass or other such applications. The Sync feature is pretty cool and very useful.

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