Nintendo Wii To Launch in India on 30th September


Nintendo will finally launch there two most famous consoles, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS lite handheld in India on September 30. The consoles will be available in the India through Samurai India, the same company who brought Nintendo games to India in 1987.

The Nintendo Wii has enjoyed huge popularity since its launch and has even left behind XBOX 360 and PS3. There is shortage of it in most parts of the world due to its high demand. Though it doesn’t have high definition graphics like Playstation or XBOX, its innovative motion sensing technology is what makes it famous and different. Nintendo Wii will be available here with Wii Sports. Samurai India will also be responsible for bringing accessories and licensed games.

The Wii will cost Rs 19,900 while the DS handheld will cost Rs 7,990. I have a feeling that it will enjoy the same success here as that of rest of the world.


  1. Saurav says:

    I want that think………..
    I ordered it for myself from US 😉

  2. arv says:

    its 4th october but still no sign of the wii nor the ds ????????
    plz reply

  3. SId says:

    I know!!!! i waited and waited and waited…its November now!!! i got mine ordered from Singapore… [:D] … and i also got a homebrew cart so no need of any separate games!!! :D… i dont think SAmurai or whatever will ever bring this… plus , the year isnt mentioned :/

  4. mweeza says:

    The Nintendo DSi’s a great thing, but Nintendo should bring out more games for it…