Switch Tabs in Firefox with FoxTab Extension


If you are bored of the simple way of switching tabs in Firefox, then this is the right extension for you. FoxTab provides with a cool and fascinating visual methods of finding and selecting tabs in Firefox.

FoxTab 1

There are 5 modes which you can choose from

  • Slides : Tabs are piled one behind the other

  • Wall : Tabs are displayed similar to a TV store

  • Grid : Tabs are aligned on the grid

  • Row : Tabs are arranged in Row

  • Cycle : You can rotate these days

To activate it, just press Ctrl + Q or click on the FoxTab icon present in the browser toolbar and it will be launched. You can move between tabs using the mouse wheel or the arrow keys. You an also customize the size of the Window it displays and all the modes are also configurable.

It certainly is much better than the default Tab Switcher in Firefox. Do give it a try and tell me if you like it or not. It supports Firefox 3.


  1. Jake says:

    Although not with the same level of special affects, Firefox 3.1 will include a graphical tab “switcher” (for lack of better word). You can try it out in alpha and trunk builds now.

  2. eches says:

    Wow..that looks cool. Any effect on memory consumption?

  3. Mony says:

    Very interesting add on. I like it very much