Perform Visual Search with SearchMe

SearchMe Search

Normally when we perform a search on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, we are presented with a bunch of text links as results and sometimes the pages may not contain the information that we want. SearchMe is search engine that provides users with the screenshot of the Website in the form of search result so you can actually see the Website before clicking on it. Hovering your mouse over the screenshot will also display information about the Website.


When you perform a search in SearchMe, you will be presented with web page Screenshots and you can browse through them like you browse through albums in iTunes. You can also select the List Mode which will display thumbnails on top and list box on bottom. Search can also be performed Category wise. When you write your search term in the box, you will be presented with a list of matching categories and you can also perform the search in context of that category. Search for “Safari” and you will se categories like “ wildlife ”, “ software ” etc and this way you can differentiate between the results easily.

One more good thing about this is that you can create, share and save ‘Stacks’.  Stacks are like bookmarks that you can save, share or even embed in your site. There are also preferences that you can customize according to your choice. You can also perform video and image search in the 3d format.

Though i admit it is not Google when compared to the accuracy and relevancy of the search result but it definitely provides you a cool way of searching. It is currently in Beta and I sure hope it improves in the future.


  1. Rishi says:

    Cool. It displays the results by category. Something i like most. Thanks for the info mate.

  2. This is a great idea, due to the flash & processing it takes a bit of time to render some results. Thanks for this info! 🙂

  3. PC says:

    Looks cool.. Thanks for the share..

  4. It may look cool. But practically this doesn’t have lot of value from “search” point of view.

    But, I still enjoyed just browsing that site and doing few searches to see how it displays the results.

  5. Syahid A. says:

    Looks pretty decent to me. Should try it asap!

  6. Gopinath M says:

    We can visit this site for its unique way of displaying results. Quality of the search results are very poor…

  7. Pallab says:

    Yet another cool but totally unproductive website. I honestly dont see too many people using this regularly. People may try it once or twice, says its cool and then switch back to google which may be boring and bland but gets the job done faster.