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As a student or a researcher, you always rely on the help of Google or other search engines to search for content related to your project, assignments or any specific topic. KnowledgeThy is an online search engine powered by Google Custom Search that provides the best results possible to students related to there studies or research. It filters the search results so that the result which matters to you as a student is visible to you.


Since the website is powered by Google CSE, you can be assured about the best results that you are going to get for your search. The geek behind KnowledgeThy is Nicholas Francis, a 17 year old Techie who is also a blogger and a part time graphic designer. The results displayed by the search engine are very good when you consider the fact that such a young person is behind it alone. It is currently in beta and Nicolas will improve it step by step as time progresses. Till the time, you can perform your education or research related search on KnowledgeThy and see the result.


  1. Loren says:

    Wow, to think that he is only 17 and got this far. I can’t imagine where he will be with 25. That’s scary 🙂