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PicPick Tools – Screen Capture Tool with Lots of Features

PicPick tools is an all in one software that can be used by graphics designers as well as home users. It give users much flexibility in doing there work. Along with an Screen capture tool, this program also includes a lot of other tools that can be used freely. The program is also portable so […]

Synchronize Folders with FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync is a free and open source folder comparison and synchronization software. It can synchronize two folders very fast without the use of overloaded UI interfaces. It contains a lot of features that can make the job much easier.

Gmail gets SMS messaging

Google is adding a lot of new features to Gmail like Gadgets, Emoticons, Canned responses, Mail Googles etc. Google is rolling out a new feature for Gmail which allows you to send SMS from your chat window in the left hand pane. The feature is available through the Gmail Labs and you will have to […]

FLV Extract – Extract Audio/Video from FLV files

If you download Videos from sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion etc, you will notice that they are in FLV format. FLV Extract is a freeware that will let you extract Video and Audio from FLV files without any decompressing or re-compressing.

Get BIOS Information with BIOS Agent

BIOS Agent is a free and easy to use program that will identify your computer BIOS and will give you all the information regarding it. This is quite helpful if you want your complete BIOS information if you are planning to upgrade it.