Maintain your own Whiteboard using Whiteboard 2008

Whiteboard 2008

I just love free software and especially if they are portable and don’t require any installation. Earlier I have talked about the Stick It notes which help us remember things and increase our productivity. Now you can have your very own Whiteboard at your desktop. Whiteboard 2008 is a small utility the can behave as your very own Whiteboard. You can use it to scribble your notes or anything that you like or want to remember.

The Whiteboard comes with a lot of features. It is like a small notepad with around 10 tabs that you can rename and use. You can also save your progress whenever you want. It even has functions such as alignment, paste from clipboard, undo/redo. You can even open the content in the default editor such as Notepad or WordPad. Though this utility resembles an advanced version of notepad, it can be of great use. You can put it in startup and make it run from system whenever system restarts. This way, it will run in the background and you can jot down anything in it when you want.

This program can run in Windows XP as well as Windows Vista and it requires .Net Framework 2.  A very small utility ( 64 Kb ) which can make your work easier.


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