Add ScreenTabs to your Desktop with Stick

Stick is a free program that allows you to organize your desktop using ScreenTabs that can be used to display RSS feeds, folder content, notes, calculator etc. These tabs can be attached to sides of the screen and they let you access your favorite content right from the desktop.



It has some nice features that can help you a lot. You can create tabs that show the content of a folder, so if there is a folder which you use frequently, create the tab and access it from desktop. These also supports functions such as drag and drop, menu commands etc. If there is a RSS feed that you monitor frequently, then you can create a tab for it on your desktop to have instant updates right there. You can also add some other things like a Calendar, Calculator, a Quick Launch tabs to make your work easier. The tabs can be customized for there skin, color, transparency, speed etc. There is a note tab which offer some nice word processing functions. There are hotkeys which you can use to access your tabs quickly. The tabs can also be condensed when not in use.

This program can help you in increasing your productivity as it has several things of other programs combined into it. It works in both Windows XP and Vista. However, based on the number of tabs, the memory consumption can be quite high. Apart from that, it is a nice freeware.



  1. Nihar says:

    Is it for Windows XP and will these gadgets look like the gadgets that are in Vista?

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Rishi says:

    Tabs on desktop too? sounds nice. Thanks for share.