Backup DVDs with DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a free software which allows you to backup your DVD movies to your hard disk so that you can watch it on your PC. Most of the DVDs don’t allow you to copy there content and some are even encrypted so that you can’t play them even after copying them. You can overcome both the problems using DVD Shrink as it has built in decryption algorithms.


DVD Shrink

The DVD can be ripped to the hard disk in a variety of ways. You can even customize the quality of the DVD rip that you save or you can also split the vob file in capacity of 1 GB. It can also preserve the DVD contents such as Menu, trailers, subtitles etc, or if you want, you can also remove them. You can use the re-author mode to work with the compression settings so that you can control the quality of DVD that you rip or you can even make a lossless copy. You can even use it along with Nero to burn the content to another disc.

It is one the best free programs that you can find. Which software do you use to rip content from DVD ?


  1. This is one of my absolute favorite programs. I’ve only had one dvd that it couldn’t make a backup of.

    Thanks for letting others know about it.

  2. Kyle Judkins says:

    DVD Shrink is a great and easy to use program.