Share Your Photos/Videos with with Memeo Share


There are a lot of ways to share your photos or videos with family and friends. You can use sites such as Flickr, photobucket etc. But for people who don’t want to access a website to share the photos, or they want to share there photos in a small private circle, Memeo Share is the perfect option. It allows you to share your high quality photos and videos with your friends or family without the hassle of opening your browser.

The files can be sent directly to your friends desktop and he wont have to do a single thing. Its setup is very simple. A wizard guides you through it, just specify the folder you want to share and the email of the members you want to add to your private circle. The files can then be uploaded on the web and will also be synced directly with your friends/family computer. It is very good for sharing high quality photos as they are uploaded in the background. You can even use it to upload photos to Facebook and YouTube.

The program offers a free online storage space of 1GB but you can get more by paying $4.99 a month. It is certainly a new and great way to share photos within a private circle.