Jarte – Portable , Feature Rich Word Processor


A lot of alternatives are available for Microsoft Word right now. Jarte is another free alternative and it is also portable, you can use it directly without installing it. It is based on Windows WordPad but it provides a lot of features that you will not find in WordPad that includes a spell checker and a lot of formatting options.

The first thing you will notice about it is its very strange interface. By strange I don’t mean that it is bad, but it is a lot different from what we have been seeing so far. Instead of standard menus, you will see some large buttons and moving the mouse over then will reveal drop down menus. You can open multiple plain text, DOC, RTF documents simultaneously using the tabbed interface. There is also a built in spell checker along with an option of exporting documents to PDF and HTML. The other options such as Change Case, Page Margins, Spacing etc are also found here. It also supports table as well as equations making it a reliable tool. A lot of features which you find in advanced word processors are also available here.

Do give it a try to discover its true power. Though it is not the best replacement for Microsoft Word, its small size and portable nature means you can use it if you are looking for basic features. A paid version of this software is also available which offers some more advanced features.


  1. Bush Mackel says:

    I’m with ya, that does look uber weird. But I guess you have to do SOMETHING to make yourself stand out right?

  2. Pavan Kumar says:

    I never knew any other alternatives apart from open office…

  3. Pavan Kumar says:

    Hey, Google docs is there…. 😎

  4. @Bush
    Right, it does look appealing